This page gives you a closer look at the curriculum and resources teachers are using in their classrooms each day at Callahan! There are also helpful links, videos, and resources to help you assist your child at home if needed.

Math Curriculum: EUREKA MATH

EM Parent Letter English.pdf

Overview ( English)

EM Parent Letter Spanish.pdf

Overview (Spanish)

Homework Helper (Video Resources)

Duane Habecker

Duane has video lessons for every single lesson grades K-5 for the whole curriculum! These can be a great help with homework, or if you are just curious as to what your child is learning in the classroom! Just look at the top of their latest problem set to see where they are at!

Grade 2 Video Playlist

Grade 3 Video Playlist

Grade 4 Video Playlist

Grade 5 Video Playlist

ELA Curriculum: Into Reading

This year grades 3-5 are switching to Into Reading for our new ELA Curriculum. Check the grade level pages to see the family welcome letters specific to each module.

Science Curriculum: FOSS Science

What is FOSS?

Click here for an overview from the company or watch the video to the right!